An association that offers global leverage


International VFX & Animation Council is a world-class panel of industry experts, formed with the objective of taking the VFX and Animation industry to the next level. Their primary role is to exchange creative and technical information within the fraternity. The council believes that the combination of art and technology can enhance the quality of today’s films, where VFX and Animation is used at every stage of the process. IVAC has a host of eminent members who are international luminaries with expertise in 2D & 3D Animation, VFX, Cinematography, Music Production and Film Production. Each of 5 them possesses specialised knowledge that can help nurture aspiring professionals. With the full-fledged support of IVAC, MAAC students enjoy a curriculum that is up-to-date and industry relevant.

Founding Members of this body are:

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Vikas Shivaraman

Director & Cinematographer

Viral Thakkar

Creative Director at Pixion

Faraz Ansari

Director and Writer(Dharma Production)

Roto Shah

Music Producer and Composer